Mad Scramble Line-Up 8/19/18

Mad Scramble Line-Up 8/19/18

For those of you that were new to Championship Energy Action Track.
The Mad Scramble is for all of the non-qualified cars from the previous week and any teams not present the previous week. The Mad Scramble is the first event to hit the track for the night. It is 10 laps and is used as a qualifier and as your warm-up. You can run the 10 laps as a race and try to win the contingency prizes and a qualifying spot or you can use it as a 10 lap warm-up. If you run the scramble you can not go back out in a warm-up group. This is our way of giving those that did not make the show the previous week some additional track time and our way of paying an additional 11 teams for their efforts the previous week.

10 Laps – Winner goes to “A” Main

1.    Mike Fauci
2.    Brian Jones
3.    Fred Heinly
4.    Matt Roselli
5.    Nate Shumaker
6.    Eric Heydenreich
7.    Christian Bruno
8.    Jared Lilly
9.    Grogan
10. Tyler Kehs
11. Brett Altemose
12. Lavar Scott
13. Morgan Rochelle
14. Geordan Marrero
15. Don Caluce
16. Ryan Stangle
17. Brandon Nicholas
18. Doug Snyder
19. Jacob Balliet
20. Ryan Conrad
21. Shawn Rooney
22. Steven Weinrich
23. Tom Scott

Single Mad Scramble Payout
1st – Locks into Feature + $25.00 courtesy of Hosensack Poker Club
2nd – Hoosier RR Tire
3rd – Vahlco Wheel
4th – 10 Gallons Methanol courtesy of Road Runner and VP Fuel
5th – RTS Gift Certificate
6th – Hyper Gift Certificate
7th – (4) FK Rod Ends
8th – TSL Shocks Gift Certificate, courtesy of Tim Buckwalter
9th – Saldana Racing Products Gift Certificate
10th – Free Registration at the Action Track
11th – Pyrotect Racing Cells Gift Certificate

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